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Functional crockery from ceramic clay or porcelain are produced underneath my hands. Items for daily use or decoration - cups, mugs, plates, bowls, tea sets, aroma diffusers, lamps, vases or pots. Some of them also with stained-glass. All in different shapes, sizes and decorations.

I work with the certified material. All my products are suitable for food contact. It’s possible to use it for roasting and baking. Microwaves and dishwashers are friendly to it as well.

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Decorative Pottery


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Orders and delivery

Standard e-shop is under the construction at this moment. However it is possible to order all my products by the e-mail on the address or by filling of the contact form


I’m offering individual or regular pottery making courses in my workshop in Teplice - Hudcov. They are intended for children, children with their parents, adults or teachers of the art lessons.

Refer to my qualification I’m offering also specialised courses for physical or mental disabled clients.

Subject of all these courses is to learn different techniques of pottery making and decorating - starting with the elementary ones up to more difficult ones; all as per the age, experience and skills of the participants. More…


Phone: (+420) 606105355
Workshop address: Panorama 211, Teplice - Hudcov
Invoicing address: Jana Skorpilova, Panorama 211, 415 01 Teplice - Hudcov, Czech Republic

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